Imagine a balcony,

four cups of meant tea,

a beautiful view on the Sassi

just after getting up.


Keep this imagine in your mind still few seconds more and then you will see that what you're thinking of is true: Casa del Sole.

The choice of the right place where staying in Matera is important.  You have to know that:

This is not a usual B&B.

I decided to open this beautifull house for you to let my dream come true:

Let people discover the beauties of this unique city.

My love for my city is so deep that I aimed to catch all the details which only few people give attention to. This is why I try to promote an excellence in the hospitality of Casa del Sole.

Guests require quality and I want them to have it. My management takes into account the booking of professional tour guides, cleaned rooms furnished with great care,  simple and quick booking and most of all great friendship.

Now that I have introduce myself,  I invite you to visit your rooms just clicking on the link "Rooms" on the English link. During the surfing you will find out more details on CASA del SOLE which is not "The usual B&B".

Bon Voyage!
(Not the usual) B&B Casa del Sole - Matera

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Reception : (+39) 0835 337421

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Casa del sole
49, San Pietro Caveoso street
75100 - Matera (MT)

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